Friday, January 17, 2014


FAMILY FOUNDATION MANAGEMENT/COUNSEL LLC is new entity I established, separate from The Oram Group. Please visit FFM/C at

I set it up because over the years I've been informally advising high net worth people, families, trustees of Oram clients, etc. on their  philanthropy. I gradually came to see that though these folks had  investment advisors, wealth managers, lawyers and accountants what they didn't always have was any real guidance on how to pick grantees that would optimize their giving. Some of these people already had donor advised funds at community foundations but in a few cases their wealth had increased so much they effectively outgrew that model.Others felt distant from their philanthropy or were not deriving a whole lot of pleasure (or recognition) out of their giving. As reported in The Chronicle of Philanthropy last October:
Affluent Americans say their financial advisors too often talk about charitable giving in ways that are technical, focusing on tax breaks rather than their clients' philanthropic goals or missions, according to a study by US Trust and the Philanthropic Initiative.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 24, 2013
FFM/C's focus is new and emerging family foundations. We're not trying to compete with community foundations or fully established foundations (unless they seek us out) but  most important we are  not money managers, wealth gurus or investment managers.We are intensely and solely focused on a client's needs and philanthropic aspirations. FFM/C ...

  • Helps new and emerging family foundations develop a strategic focus for their philanthropy.

  • Provides a sensitive understanding of the intergenerational issues that may affect family philanthropy and arm's length counsel in resolving those conflicts

  • Brings guidance in inviting and evaluating grant proposals submitted on paper or through a foundation's website; selection of grantees; grants management; qualitative and quantitative assessments of grantees' performance; schedules accompanied or unaccompanied site visits

  • Closely cooperates with the family's legal and financial team.

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