Thursday, September 27, 2012

Health Care and the 1%

Some years ago I went to work for PROSTATE CANCER FOUNDATION then run by Leslie D. Michelson, a tough but fair marketing-oriented guy. Leslie left  in 2007 and founded a company called Private Health to help his clients " ... obtain the best possible health care.  We knew just how dysfunctional the health care 'system' was and have worked hard to develop the expertise, resources, systems and discipline needed to navigate it."

The article below, written by Joe Rago of the Wall Street Journal will be of interest to anyone concerned with the equities and inequities of health care specifically and of American economic life generally. This piece is very troubling to me yet it is on head-on. Like charter schools, Ivy League colleges or anything else that attracts an elite sub-set the argument reduces to one ethical conundrum: if you can't help everyone should you help anyone? A corollary is if you do so does or can society as a whole  ultimately benefit?

Friends - this is a dose of the salts.

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