Monday, April 12, 2010


What's a girl like her doing in a place like this?

Orange is The New Black
is Piper Kerman's memoir of the 13 months she spent in federal prison for money laundering. Not your usual bad guy she is an intelligent, privileged beautiful and resourceful Smith College graduate. As the saying goes she fell in with evil companions, soon left them and completely turned her troubled life around. Piper really believed the past was in the past. Then one day ten years later there was a knock on the door. ...

Some of you know I am deeply involved with Woman's Prison Association ( and currently board president.`Piper was invited to join our board because I really felt we needed someone who had been through the criminal justice system on the other side of the bars. Piper's book came out just a few months after she came on the board - just last week in fact.

So far as we know this is only the second time in WPA's 165 year history that we have had an ex-convict as a trustee. There is no doubt she brings a perspective of great value as our money-starved agency continues to fight against the upside down logic of New York state's prison system.

The link below is from the back page of the New York Times Magazine (Lives) (March 21st)


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